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Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Developer Microsoft

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a free tool that makes getting the latest components of the ...

Haskell Platform

Developer Haskell.org

For experienced developers, the platform provides a comprehensive, standard base for commercial and open source Haskell ...

CL NUI Platform

Developer Code Laboratories, Inc.

CL NUI Platform is a software which consists of an SDK, API and a stable driver for Microsoft’s new Kinect Hardware (Xbox NUI ...

International Capital Markets Brokers Platform

Developer International Capital Markets Brokers

Our customers utilize the ICM Brokers Trading Platform to access the markets. The platform is a true multi-product, multi-asset class ...

Makeblock Board Driver

Developer Maker Works

Makeblock Board Driver allows you to set up and use the Makeblock platform. Makeblock platform is based on Arduino ...

Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK

Developer Microsoft

The Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the information you need to develop applications for ...

ATIG Platform

Developer MetaQuotes Software Corp.

ATIG Platform is a powerful and ergonomic MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. MT4 is the most popular platform used ...

JForex Platform

Developer Dukascopy Bank SA

JForex Platform is recommended for manual and/or automated trading. This platform is designed for traders ...

Platform Studio

Developer First Productions, Inc.

This easy-to-use program creates professional-quality platform and 2D games.

Prognoz Platform


Prognoz Platform is a BI platform designed to create cutting-edge turnkey desktop, web, and mobile applications. ...

Java Application Platform SDK

Developer Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Java Application Platform SDK allows you to develop and improve developer productivity. The SDK also supports Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 ...

Introduction to Windows as a Platform

Developer Microsoft

Everybody have a general idea about what is a computer and an operating system, but, do you really know how do they work? If ...

StyleTap Platform

Developer StyleTap Inc

StyleTap Platform allows you to run applications (and games) originally written for Palm OS handhelds on devices running: Windows Mobile Pocket PC ...

Sybase Unwired Platform

Developer Sybase, Inc.

With the Sybase Unwired Platform you can create and manage multiple mobile applications that securely connect a variety of back-end data ...

Zend Platform

Developer Zend Technologies Ltd.

Zend Platform is an advanced PHP Web application server for increasing the overall performance of serving ...